Art Painting

Early in life, Diana Durantel was attracted to strong colors in flowers, sunsets or the changing seasons. These colors were a welcome sign of life for her, and she began to paint them.

Diana's gift for mathematics motivated her to get a Master's degree in Mathematics, followed by an Engineering Diploma at Ecole Polytechnique (X96) in France, and a Master's degree in Mathematics Applied to Finance.

"Life", acrylic on canvas

It was during this time her “Impressionist”-like style, of leaving the stroke of the brush full of color on the canvas, began to surface.

Diana  began to exhibit her work privately and  publicly  in Tokyo and  in New York in 2002.

As time went by, her painting changed, moving toward something deeper and stronger.

Today she paints the bloom of life carried by the light and the movement of colors. She draws her inspiration from contemplation and her emotions, expressing the joy and hope made manifest by the gift of each day.

“I would like my paintings to be a window revealing the joy, the hope, and the life flowing from the colorful Creation…”
                                                                                                                           -Diana Durantel